Lesson Plans for January 13-17, 2020

TEKS for the Week: A.11.A, A.11.B

Monday: 6.1 Properties of Exponents; HOMEWORK from Pg. 282

Tuesday:  Take notes on 6.2A Finding nth roots, evaluating expressions with rational exponents; HOMEWORK- pg. 289-290 #3-18 multiples of 3, 19-35 odds; 

Wednesday: Take notes on 6.2B Simplifying expressions with radical exponents; HOMEWORK- pg. 290 #37-44 all; 

Thursday: Practice on 6.1 and 6.2; Complete Quiz review to prepare for Quiz 6.1-6.2; HOMEWORK- STUDY for the QUIZ!;

Friday: Quiz 6.1/6.2


Lesson Plans for December 9-13, 2019

TEKS for the WEEK: A.2.I, A.3.D, A.3.F, A.3.G, A.3.H, A.5.B, A.5.C

Monday: 5.5 Solving Equations by graphing (using calculators); NO HOMEWORK

Tuesday:  Review Chapter 5A (5.1-5.5); HOMEWORK- Study for the TEST by reworking the REVIEW problems.

Wednesday: Chapter 5 TEST; NO HOMEWORK

Thursday: 5.6 Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities; HOMEWORK- Worksheet

Friday: 5.7 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities; HOMEWORK- Worksheet

Lesson Plans for December 2-6, 2019

TEKS for the Week: A.2.I, A.3.F, A.3.G, A.5.C

Monday: 5.1 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing; HOMEWORK– Solving Systems by Graphing worksheet

Tuesday: 5.2 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution; HOMEWORK- Solving Systems by Substitution worksheet

Wednesday: Quiz 5.1-5.2 REVIEW; 5.3 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination; HOMEWORK- Solving Systems by Elimination worksheet (odds)

Thursday: Quiz 5.1-5.2; More practice with 5.3(solving systems of equations using elimination) by doing the evens on Wednesday’s worksheet; HOMEWORK- Complete classwork if not done.

Friday:  5.4 Solving Special Systems of Linear Equations; HOMEWORK- Solving Special Systems worksheet


Lesson Plans for November 11-14, 2019

TEKS for the Week: A.4A, A.4B, A.4C

Monday:  Chapter 4A Review; HOMEWORK- Finish the REVIEW for the test 

Tuesday: Go over the Chapter 4A Review and more practice with parallel and perpendicular lines; HOMEWORK- STUDY for the test!!

Wednesday:  Chapter 4A TEST; NO HOMEWORK

Thursday: 4.5 Scatterplots and Lines of Fit (identifying correlation, drawing a line of fit, and writing an equation for a line of fit) and 4.6 Analyzing Lines of Fit (correlation and causation); HOMEWORK- TBD

Friday: 4.6 Analyzing Lines of Fit (linear regression) ; Perform Linear Regression on the TI-84s and use the correlation coefficient to determine if the correlation is positive or negative and how closely the model fits the data; HOMEWORK- TBD