Lesson Plans for October 8-12, 2018

TEKS for the Week: A.2B, A.2C, A.2D, A.2E, A.2F, A.2G, A.3A

Monday: Take notes on 3.6 Modeling Direct Variation; Complete 3.6 Monitoring Progress #7 in class;✏️HOMEWORK- 3.6 Online assignment on BigIdeasMath.

Tuesday: Work in groups to model direct variation situations using multiple representations (graphical, tabular, verbal and algebraic) and identifying the constant of variation. ✏️HOMEWORK- Begin the  Chapter 3A Review – complete #1-15, omitting #12.  You must show your work on notebook paper neatly and orderly.

Wednesday: You will complete the Chapter 3A Review in class. ✏️HOMEWORK- STUDY for the test.

Thursday: 📌Chapter 3A TEST

Friday: 3.7 Transformations of Graphs of Linear Functions (A.3.E) – We will focus on Translations only today; ✏️HOMEWORK- TBD


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