Instructions for Monday, October 15, 2018

Thank you in advance for being amazing for the substitute today!!! I know you will all be on your absolute best behavior.  While I am out today you will…

  1. Pick up the three notebook inserts at the front of the room on the blue table.  You will also need one baby graph,  and two sheets that have 3 small graphs on them.
  2. Get a composition notebook, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, roll of tape and a protractor or some other straight edge to use to draw a line.
  3. Watch this video and update your table of contents as directed in the video: Intro to transformations
  4. Watch this video and complete page 39 in your journal: Horizontal translations
  5. Watch this video and complete page 40 in your journal: Vertical translations
  6. Return any extra unused graphs to the blue table and put away ALL of your supplies properly.  THANK YOU!!!!!

If this is not completed then it is HOMEWORK!!! So please DO NOT waste any time.

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