Lesson Plans for October 22-26, 2018

TEKS for the Week: A.2B, A.2C, A.2E, A.2F, A.2G, A.3A

MONDAY: 3.7 Transformations of Graphs of Linear Functions (A.3.E) – We will focus on horizontal and vertical  stretches and shrinks today;  HOMEWORK- Watch the video linked on GOOGLE classroom and complete the foldable for your journal. You will most likely have to download the video.

TUESDAY: Practice with transformations;  HOMEWORK-  Watch  VL5B Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form and complete the notes sheet.  Click Alg VL5B notes for a copy of notes to fill in with VL5B.

WEDNESDAY: Lesson 4.2 Writing Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form.  Students will practice writing equations in Slope-Intercept form and Point-Slope Form by doing the Writing Linear Equations (Point-Slope Form) task cards; HOMEWORK-  Watch VL5C Linear Equations in Standard Form  and complete the notes sheet.  Click Alg VL5C notes for a copy of notes to fill in with VL5C

THURSDAY: Students will complete the task card activity from Wednesday and review for the QUIZ we will take on Friday!  HOMEWORK- Study for the Quiz you will take TOMORROW!!!

FRIDAY: QUIZ 4.1-4.2; Lesson 4.3 Writing Linear Equations in Standard Form; Students will complete selected exercises from Lessons 4.3 from the textbook- pg. 177 #11-20; HOMEWORK- Complete the 4.3 exercises if not finished in class

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