Lesson Plans for November 5-9, 2018

TEKS for the Week: A.4A, A.4B, A.4C

Monday:  Chapter 4A TEST; NO HOMEWORK

Tuesday:  4.5 Scatterplots and Lines of Fit (identifying correlation, drawing a line of fit, and writing an equation for a line of fit) and 4.6 Analyzing Lines of Fit (correlation and causation); HOMEWORK- TBD

Wednesday: 8th grade field trip; NO HOMEWORK

Thursday: 4.6 Analyzing Lines of Fit (linear regression) ; Perform Linear Regression on the TI-84s and use the correlation coefficient to determine if the correlation is positive or negative and how closely the model fits the data.; NO HOMEWORK

Friday:  4.6 Analyzing lines of fit (interpolation and extrapolation); HOMEWORK- TBD



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