Week of August 28-September 1, 2017

We are nearing the end of the second full week of school and we are off to a great start in Algebra.  I was out sick earlier this week and have scrambled to keep up since then so I apologize  that I failed to post lesson plans for the week. Here is a brief synopsis of what we have done this week:


Monday: Review of Solving Two-step and Multi-step equations; Assignment- Lesson 1.2 pg. 12-15 Monitoring Progress problems #1-11.

Tuesday: Continued review of equations; Assignment- Lesson 1.2 pg.16-18 #9,10,15,16,20,25,30,31,40,42,46.

Wednesday:  Students will work on solving equations with variables on both sides using the distributive property with fractions, and special cases of no solution or infinitely many solutions. We will place a foldable in our journal with the three types of solutions.  Assignment- Lesson 1.3 pg. 22-24 Monitoring Progress problems #1-8.

Thursday: Discuss #8 more thoroughly and talk about using verbal representations of equations.  Students will place an example in their journals of how to check your solutions when fraction operations are involved.  Assignment- Check the solutions to the Monitoring Progress problems from Wednesday’s assignment.

Friday:  Students will take a Quiz over solving and checking equations.  Then we will begin a lesson on rewriting equations and formulas.  Assignment-  Lesson 1.4 Monitoring Progress problems #1-7.

Lesson Plans for August 21-25, 2017

TEKS: A.1A – A.1G, A.12C, A.12D

Monday:  Eclipse activities

Tuesday: Universal Screener

Wednesday: Students will finish the Universal Screener if more time is needed. Students will then explore what it means to think recursively.

Thursday: Arithmetic Sequences- students will explore various arithmetic sequences and use reasoning to develop direct and recursive formulas for the nth term in a sequence.

Friday:   Students will graph arithmetic sequences and identify these relationships as proportional or non-proportional.  They will make connections between multiple representations (tabular, algebraic, graphical and verbal).


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Hello!!! We are off to a great start this year!  I am so excited about what this school year will hold.

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